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From high-end retail construction to intricate commercial buildings, we have the experienced construction teams and techniques to help you meet your goals. We combine an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of construction with a unique sensitivity to the programming and function of your facility while minimizing the effects of construction so your operations stay on track.


• In the first decade after the formation of company there were many projects of commercial buildings in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

• We have also worked in Thailand city Pattaya for our commercial project regarding the building construction in 2014

• There are many projects which right now in the construction phase • Multi-Story Commercial Complexes

• Class A Office Buildings

• Interiors design with uniqueness

•Specialty Retail Buildings

•Parking Structures


Whether a single-floor dormitory renovation or a Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel-standard luxury facility, we carefully plan the logistics of every task, take a focused approach to safety and communicate daily with appropriate facilities and administration personnel to control costs and minimize disruption. Our responsiveness to the needs of our clients and visitors has led to long, successful relationships with authorities like CDA (Capital Development Authority), Bahria Town Authority etc.

• We have constructed many residential houses in DHA, Bahria Town and in the region of Islamabad Capital Territory

• A farmhouse of area 8 Kanal is in construction phase in Islamabad.

• We have a very unique design process of residential building

• Dormitories and Residence Halls

• Campus Energy

• Campus Infrastructure


With nearly 10 years of working with Army (MES) and Air force in industrial construction market, we understand that project delays mean lost revenue for our clients. We expertly manage the unique requirements associated with highly sophisticated systems and processes during construction so clients can focus on operationalizing their new or upgraded facility.


• We have contributed in construction of these Army projects:

• In construction of 128 men Barracks

• Construction of Hamza Camp

• EME college Drill & Skill Ground

• Provided 160 KVA Genset to CMH in Nuclear Center

• Fencing of roads and Hamza camp

• High-volume Production Facilities

•High-level Cleanroom Space


• Research and Development Facilities
• Tool Relocations and Installations


With decade of experience in Road construction, we are very familiar with the challenges of constructing high quality, cost-effective buildings as well while all other standards and specifications are strictly maintained.


• Three stretches, having 5km length, in D.I Khan Mughal court road

• Barrian Abbottabad Stretches

•The asphalt work of Kagan-Naran Road
• Three overhangs on Karakoram Highway named as Dasu, Kiru and Barsean were done because Chinese were left to do.

• Three stretches of Naran Jhalkhat section were done by our company

• Challas Bypass was done which is located at Challas MNJC Section.


When we work in places where people go to relax and enjoy themselves, we handle all aspects of the construction process so you are able to focus on your customers and your business. That might mean changing work hours so resort guests are not disturbed, adapting construction plans to avoid peak business times or handling the intricate environmental permitting issues that are crucial to the project’s success. Our teams of seasoned professionals are flexible, creative and accommodating to the nature of the worksite and the needs of the owner.

• We are constructing a 4-star Pearl Continental Hotel in Naran as a destination hotel, having 70 rooms with luxury places

• A hotel having 4 stories and almost 23 rooms is also under construction in Naran, Batakundi

• We are going to build a 7-Star hotel in Pakistan having an area of 250 Kanal. This project is going to be first in history

• Destination Hotels and Resorts

• Luxury Resort Residences

• Conference and Meeting Facilities

•Adventure Center

•Parking Structures


We understand the unique challenges of completing complex construction activities at operating plants and new sites – and have the expertise to manage them. Whether procured through traditional design-bid-build or integrated delivery methods, projects benefit from our in-depth planning, collaborative approach and dedicated team of employee-owners who are experts at driving projects forward at the right pace.


• Government Facilities

• Alternative Energy Facilities

• We work on many Govt. projects relating to construction and renovation

• We have vast experience in Govt. sectors because we built with your dreams professionally

• We have a very talented team to make your dreams true

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